4 Last Minute Indo-Western Diwali Outfits

Hello girls!

I was so busy planning for some amazing blog posts (that I’ll be posting later) and occupied with my college work that I had completely forgotten to do a Diwali blog post. So, I went through my wardrobe and found this really elegant lehenga of my mom that she had bought after her marriage and then, decided to use that for creating different looks. This is a very old lehenga and I have used all that there is in a lehenga to create three unique Indo-Western looks for the last minute ladies and yes, since the shoot was next day, these outfits are actually last minute. I have also used an ethnic long skirt that was lying there in my wardrobe for years and created a bohemian look for those ladies who do not have any lehenga to create a last minute outfit.

Let’s have a look at the outfits:

Look 1: Wear any long skirt with a blazer & create a bohemian look

I don’t wear long skirts a lot. I found it difficult to even pair this skirt up with a top because I’m not into tank tops and that’s what usually girls wear skirts with. A tank top or tee, a scarf that goes with the skirt and flats. But when you are dressing up for some festival, you dress up properly and you DRESS UP! That being the reason why I added a blazer in this look and the chunky bohemian and Turkish jewelry. You should definitely go for a heavy statement necklace if you want to recreate this look and create your own last minute Indo-western Diwali outfit. šŸ˜‰


Outfit Details:

  • Bohemian coin necklace from amazon.in
  • Printed Long Skirt
  • Black Blazer by Only
  • Plain Silver bangles bought for Rs 100 from Sarojini Nagar, Delhi
  • Silver Jhumkas for Rs 100 fromĀ Sarojini Nagar, Delhi
  • Vintage Turkish Rings from my collection onĀ Spoyl App (Account: Sale Sale Sale)

Look 2: Wearing Lehenga’s dupatta as a saree

For those of you who are very much into experimenting and wearing Ind-western look, this is a last minute outfit that you can definitely go for. Using a dupatta as a saree and draping it around your jeans to make it look like a saree. The dupatta that I used belongs to my mom’s lehenga and what I absolutely love about it is the color and fabric that it is made from. Golden jewelry looks fabulous with maroon color and especially a dark colored saree. One fashionĀ tipĀ that you can go for is: if the dupatta you are using is short in length, you can add two dupattas and drape them around your waist like a saree. I kept the look simple and elegant and added minimal accessories. I wore flared jeans in this outfit but you can surely go for a pair of black jeggings or leggings for a better finish.

Fashion tip: Wear the same outfit with a lace bralette for a more festive look.

look-2_01look-2_02Look 2_07.pnglook-2_04look-2_05look-2_06look-2_03Look 2_08.pnglook-2_09-a

Outfit Details:

  • Mom’s lehenga’s dupatta
  • Wired Statement Necklace (Set) from Zylph
  • Curled leaf golden bracelet from my collection onĀ Spoyl App (Account: Sale Sale Sale)
  • Angle wings ring from amazon.in

Look 3: Add an ethnic over coat or jacket to your Western outfit

The most effortless way to create an Indo-western look is by pairing up your ethnic jacket with a black crop top, jeans and any ethnic footwear. I don’t think I need to mention any ethnic accessories because those cute things are obviously necessary to complete the ethnic look. Ā In this outfit, I wore my mom’s lehenga’s jacket as an ethnic jacket and to be honest, if it didn’t have the embroidered borders, it would definitely look like a plain trench coat. šŸ˜› Ā But it does qualify as a great last minute Diwali outfit.

look-3_01look-3_02-aLook 3_07.pnglook-3_03-blook-3_06look-3_04

Outfit Details:

  • Golden Egyptian Statement Neckalce from Zylph
  • Mom’s lehenga’s ethnic over coat
  • Angel Wings Ring from amazon.in
  • Golden Heart Cuff Bracelet from TrendyWay.in
  • Golden Leaf BraceletĀ from my collection onĀ Spoyl App (Account: Sale Sale Sale)

Look 4: Wear any lehenga’s blouse as an ethnic crop top

This is my favorite look because of this lehenga’s blouse. The embroidery on it is just beautiful and the best thing about it is the padded shoulders which give it a look of one of those military jackets that have padded shoulders as well. This is neither too much, nor too less for a Diwali outfit. If you have something like this in your or your mom’s wardrobe, then girls, you are all set for Diwali.

look-4_01-aLook 4_02.pngLook 4_05.pngLook 4_06.pngLook 4_03.pngLook 4_04.png

Photography by Eliza Anjum

Outfit Details:

  • Mom’s lehenga’s blouse
  • Golden Necklace from my collection onĀ Spoyl App (Account: Sale Sale Sale)
  • Golden Heart Cuff Bracelet from TrendyWay.in
  • Golden Leaf BraceletĀ from my collection onĀ Spoyl App (Account: Sale Sale Sale)
  • Black sling bag for Rs 300 from Karol Bagh
  • Golden jhumkas for Rs 200 from Sarijini Nagar, Delhi

Apparel Common in all the outfits:

  • Flared jeans by Miss Benette London (Jabong)
  • Black scoop neck crop top bought for Rs 300 from Big C Mall, Sarojini Nagar
  • Leather Peep Toe Pencil heels bought for Rs 500 from Karol Bagh

I hope this article saved the lives of those broke shopaholics who really want to look good on Diwali without having to spend any more money on shopping. Hoping now your problem is solved.

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Stay happy! Stay gorgeous!

Happy Diwali to all of you!

With lots of love,

Simran Bharti