All To Gloat About Culottes: Look 2

Hello, girls!

So in my last article, I talked about the new trend of culottes and how you can pair them up to get a casual or formal look. In this article, I’m going to talk about pairing your culottes to make an outfit that is suitable for parties or any special occasion.

If you haven’t heard about bell sleeve tops yet, then I guess it’s time you do. Bell sleeve tops have been trending like anything these days and they not only look attractive but really classy. You can wear them as casual or party wear, depending on the print and design of the top. The one that I have chosen to wear in this outfit is from Koovs. It’s a plain pink bell sleeve crop top that has a V-neck and an elastic at the end.

I paired up my bell sleeves top with a fuchsia pink thin velvet choker and these really cute Dior inspired earrings that many celebrities have been wearing lately. A lot of Dior inspired accessories are trending nowadays like Dior inspired sunglasses in rose gold and silver, Dior inspired aviators that Kangna wore in Tanu Weds Manu Returns, Dior inspired danglers, stud earrings and a lot more. So if you’re thinking you saw some girl in the metro wearing some really unique and pretty piece of accessory and don’t know what to call it, you can try searching for Dior inspired accessories and you might just find it online. 😛  (You can also order the same from this website called Zylph).

Coming back to my look, I kept the look really simple and didn’t accessorize much because I didn’t want the accessories to take away all the attention from my overall outfit. This is one tip that you should follow when you’re dressing up for some occasion. Don’t forget to accessorize but while accessorizing, make sue that your accessories don’t take away all the attention that your outfit needs.

Also, I didn’t wear any heavy neck piece with this top because then, the V neck would have been covered and it would have looked like too much. Therefore, I decided to go with this plain choker. So, let’s see how the outfit is looking.










Photography by Eliza Anjum

Outfit Details:

  • Pink Bell Sleeves Crop Top by Koovs
  • Fuchsia pink thin velvet choker from Spoyl (Rs 100; Account name: Sale Sale Sale)
  • Dior inspired earrings from Spoyl (Account name: Sale Sale Sale)
  • High Waist Frayed Hem Culottes by Koovs 
  • White Sandals by Truffle Collection (Jabong)

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Thank you for reading!

With lots of love,

Simran Bharti


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