Street Shopping: My Sarojini Nagar Haul

Hello guys! Recently I went to Sarojini Nagar, the place in Delhi which is very famous ย for its great variety of products and it is probably the best place for street shopping. The place not only offers you all the trendy apparel but also showpiece, frames, posters and lamps among everything else for home decoration, footwear, great street food and what not!

No matter how much money you have, be it 500 bucks or 5,00 bucks, you’ll be able to but whatever you want to. The only element required is the ability to bargain. Bargaining skills helps a lot because in SN, if you don;t know how to bargain, you won’t be satisfied with the quantity of stuff you’ll end up buying.

Usually when the college is about to begin, all the students go to the place with around 3,000 bucks which is enough to buy you everything in your shopping list. However, since I am such a shopaholic and my list was endless because I needed to change my entire wardrobe, I ended up spending all my 5,000 bucks while I was planning to shop for 3,00 only.

So, here is the list of items I bought from Sarojini Ngara for my college shopping.

(Only the pictures in which prices of the products are mentioned, are the ones I bought from the market and not the rest. The products shown in “outfit” pictures are not from SN.)



Price Before Bargain: 550/-

How to pair it up?



Price Before Bargain: 100/-

(Did not need to bargain. The price was reasonable.)

How to pair it up?




Price Before Bargain: 200/-



Price Before Bargain: 200/-

(Stubborn guy, didn’t sell it for 150 so I had to buy it because it’s by Vera Moda.)



How to pair it up?


collage 1 a

Price Before Bargain: 60/-

(Did not need to bargain. The price was reasonable.)



Price Before Bargain: 50/-

(Did not need to bargain. The price was reasonable.)

How to pair it up?


I have this handbag so I can pair it up with that too.




Price Before Bargain: 300/-

How to pair it up?




Price Before Bargain: 150/-

How to pair it up?


The bag is by Miss Sixty. (Not bought from SN)22



Price Before Bargain: 250/-



Price Before Bargain: 250/-



(This one had price tag on and was all new so the guy didn’t bargain because if the condition of the top.)


This ripped jeans from Big C Mall which is located in the market itself. You can ask anyone for directions. The mall is great for shopping of bottom wears.


The ripped jeans were available there in the range of 1,000 to 2,500. The price of this one was Rs. 1300 which is reasonable. The quality of the product is awesome. I always buy my jeans and denim wears from this mall only.

The size of this faded ripped jeans is 28 and it is stretchable.


The jeans has a cut which allows you to wear it easily.8

Also, it lets you fold the jeans without any trouble.9

The quality and color of this jeans is superb and I am sure it will not fade that easily because this is not the first time I am buying a denim from Big C mall.10All the features in one picture.




This is a slit skirt. My suggestion for those who are very slim would be not to buy this one because the fabric of this skirt is not good. This skirt is not stretchable. There are two types of slit skirts available in the market. Buy the one whose fabric is soft and stretchable. This one doesn’t let one flaunt her curves as it is loose but it is fine for those who are a bit healthy as it will fit them perfectly. ๐Ÿ™‚

How to pair it up?



Price Before Bargain: 300/-

This is something I absolutely love. Only girls who shop from SN market would know how difficult it is to buy a denim vest which actually fits you nicely. The guy offered it to me for 300 bucks but I bought it for 200 bucks. The product and its quality is so good that I would have bought it for 300 bucks too but it’s SN so, you have got to bargain. ๐Ÿ˜›

How to pair it up?

11 b


36 Final

Undergarments are a must buy from SN because you won’t get these anywhere for this price. I always have problem while shopping for under garments because no matter how much money I spend and how good the product it, it never fits me perfectly and I always get uncomfortable while wearing these but the ones I bought from SN are beautiful. The colors are vibrant and the material is good. These are not at all uncomfortable. Hence, a must buy.

37 bThis one came without the stripes. Usually girls use two stripes but I made it an halter-neck bra (as shown in the pictures below). You can do the same with yours and save money.

37 a

37 C



(Did not need to bargain. The price was reasonable.)


collage5..My suggestion would be to buy a pair which is tight or fits you because this one was a bit loose and after waling in these for an hour, my feet got wounded because of the constant rubbing of these golden stripes on my skin. Or better just buy something else.



Price Before Bargain: 200/-



*Reasonable price*

Just some tank tops for casual wear.



I bought both of them for just 100 bucks (50 each). The left one is a handcuff and the right ones are bangle. Yes, it was a pair and its material is nice too. These aren’t heavy at all.

So did you like my SN haul? Please share the article with your friends and share your views in the comment section. I would love to hear something from you guys. ๐Ÿ™‚


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