13 Curly DIY Hairdo & Quick Buns

So, I’m updating this post on the request of a very special follower who asked me if I could update any post on quick hairstyles for curly hair. I too have curly hair so I know how difficult it becomes at some point to handle them. There are mornings when you get ready but are thoroughly pissed off at your messy hair because they just wouldn’t “behave” in a proper manner and you’re like-“I grew you. I gave birth to you.And this is how you repay me?”. Bad hair days are the worst for us! But there’s one thing I have realized overtime that there ARE benefits to having curly hair too. Unlike silky and smooth straight hair, we can manage our hair, maintain hairstyles and few buns without using hair-spray and sometimes, we don’t even need to use a comb to get certain textures. Our hair are normally beautiful too. They might not have that “luster” but they do have style. 😉
(No offense to those with straight hair. You gals have perfect hair. 😛 )
So, here are the hairstyles that you can try.
Now, buns are the best! You don’t need a lot of hair spray to maintain the curls or anything. All you require is a bunch of bob pins and a rubber band and you’re ready to go.
A tip for those with curly hair would be don’t stress out on combing your hair a lot if you are making a messy bun. It’s supposed to look messy and your curls would give the bun the perfect look. Also, for daily use, don’t use hair spray, hair dryer or any  other hair products. They do a lot of damage to your hair if used regularly.
Applying hair serum or olive oil after taking washing your hair would be awesome. Why? Try it once and you’ll thank me later.
Only apply 1-2 drops of hair serum or Olive oil. If used more than that, you’d end up with oily hair.*
This one is the easiest and takes only few seconds. No matter what kind of hair you have, you can easily try this at home.
And this one I love because all you have to do is tie a know and you’re good to go. 😛
The Half-Up Twisted Halo
So guys! In case you need any beauty or fashion tip or want me to write on anything regarding the same, mail me on my Gmail ID ( simran.bharti10@gmail.com or simplygorgeous002@gmail.com ) or message me on my Facebook account.
Have a great day ahead! 🙂
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