Classy outfits for work

Choosing an outfit for work is never too tiring because most of the people never really make an effort in getting ready when it comes to putting on their formals. The option everyone is left with at last is to simply wear their black or grey comfortable trousers with a plain white top. However, your simple and casual work outfits can be turned into fashionable outfits if you only take out little time to accessorize them a bit. A sexy blazer, a classy handbag, a pair of goggles and just the right amount of accessories and Voila! You’re ready to go to work and amaze your colleagues. Even if you are oblivious to the dressing up part or if you are one of those who are always in a rush and can never decide what to wear to your office, here are some tips that you can refer to to look classy in your formal wear:

1 Get yourself a blazer

Nothing and nothing else makes you look more elegant than a plain chic blazer. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose but should fit you perfectly so that you get to flaunt your curves without worrying about your comfort zone. Black and grey are always in but if you are someone who likes to have a colorful collection and not just a wardrobe with full of black outfits, I say you go for cream, navy blue or white blazer because these three colors go with almost every work outfit. You can pair it up with a jeans, skirt or any trousers.

2. A handbag

As I have said that black and brown go with almost all the outfits. That’s why while buying a bag, make sure you buy something that is not too big but spacious and can be carried everyday to the work. If you’re someone who face difficulty while shopping for a handbag, read my article on  5 things you need to keep in mind while buying a bag.

These tips will help you decide what kind of bag you should buy within your budget. There are many kinds of bags like saddle, satchel, barrel, bucket, baguette, hobo, etc that you can carry but it’s on you to decide which kind of handbag will be suitable for you to carry around.

Colors that you can go for:

Black & brown: Go with mostly outfits

Cream, White, Cream+Brown& White+Brown: Classy choice but keep in mind, they need to be maintained because even a little yellow spot will easily catch attention on white and cream color bags.

Red: May or may not go with all your outfits but the color seeks a lot of attention and is stylish as well. The combination of red and black is famous already so I don’t think you’ll face much problem in pairing it up with some work outfit.

Other colors: Navy Blue & Grey.

3. A peplum top or peplum dress

Again comfortable yet classy. A peplum dress doesn’t take much efforts to be paired up with accessories. You may or may not wear a belt with it. A golden watch would be perfect for work with a peplum top or a dress and a pair of heels. If you have a peplum top, just pair it up with a skirt and it won’t look any less than a dress. A simple alloy necklace or a pendant would enhance the look.

4. Must have accessories: Necklace, Sunglasses, Watch, brown belt and a scarf

The tip to follow while accessorizing is to just keep the look “simple”. Less is more so if you’re carrying a scarf, don’t wear too many accessories like a statement necklace because that would grab too much attention towards the necklace. Brown belt is must and it can be paired up with every outfit. Same goes for the watch and the sunglasses. Sunglasses not only make you look stylish but they also protect your eyes from all the pollution, dust and sunlight. If you have dark circles, it’s  must to carry sunglasses whenever you go out for precisely the reason that they protect your under eye area from the UV rays of the sun and don’t let the sunlight tan or darken that area. Otherwise if you go out without any sunscreen or goggles, your dark circles will only get darker day by day and the home remedies won’t be of much help.

4. Nude, White or Black heels

Nude is the color for all. You ought to have heels in these colors. If you’re not comfortable with heels, go for wedges in the same color and you’ll be ready to run on the streets. For comfort level, you can buy block heels as well. White and golden are other colors available.

5. Ripped  and rugged jeans outfits

And there is the final apparel. A ripped jeans that can be paired up with almost any top you own in your wardrobe. You can wear these jeans with sneakers or white trendy plimsolls if you don’t want to wear heels. Ripped or rugged jeans can be worn at home and at work as well. How you carry them around and what you pair them up with, is what makes the difference.

Best combination= Ripped Jeans + White Blazer + Nude Heels + Sunglasses


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Thank you!


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