Who is the best kind of boyfriend for a shopaholic?

The one who knows that his girlfriend is a shopaholic and she’ll not stop talking about shopping ever and accepts her the way she is.


The one who listens to his shopaholic girlfriend’s shopping or e-shopping talk and everything from make up to her wardrobe talks.

The one who doesn’t mind indulging in a G-talk because if the girl is a shopaholic, she must be a gossip monger who loves to gossip about her girlfriend’s outfits.

The one who not only happily indulges in a “I went to shopping to that place and look what I got” talk but also compliments his girl’s choice and tells her that there’s nothing wrong with being a shopaholic unless you’re broke.

The one who makes the choice between a “satchel bag” and a “Paddle bag” for his girl.

The one who doesn’t disturb his girlfriend while she’s out with her friends and specially when she’s shopping.

The one who gives his girlfriend the right kind of motivation to stop shopping when he knows it has been enough (even though for a shopaholic, it’s never enough).

The one who knows that having a “walk-in-wardrobe” is not a want, but a need.

The one who knows exactly how to encourage his girl to save.
(If you save your money now, you’ll have a lot of money to shop in future.)


The one who tells his girlfriend that whatever she is about to spend money on, is even worth it or not.


The one who tells his girl about the new places and flee-markets where she can go to for shopping.


The one who knows that being a shopaholic is not about being “materialistic”, but about being “different from the herd” and finding happiness in little things. And beside  knowing this fact, gives her cute gifts once in a while.

The one who doesn’t make his girlfriend cancel her “shopping plans” only to meet him.


The one who knows that for his girl, her wardrobe IS her treasure.


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