How to pair a Crop Top?

Crop tops have become a new trend and I should say, a wardrobe “must have” for those who love fashion. But not a lot of women know that it can be paired up with different bottoms, say a long skirt. Girls usually pair it up with jeans or jeggins but there are more ways to wear a crop top if you want to look different.

But I’d like to start with the usual way of wearing a crop top i.e. with Jeans and Jeggings.

1. Jeggings/Jeans

There are two ways in which you can pair up your crop top with your jeans:

First one is to pair it up with a mid waist jeans. That would reveal your belly. Girls usually wear a spegattie whenever they wear a crop top. So, if you’re someone who isn’t comfortable when it comes to “revealing your skin” then this is the way in which you can wear a crop top.

Second way is to pair it up with high waist jeans as shown in the pictures below.

2. With Ripped and Rugged Jeans

Ripped and rugged jeans is the new trend. There’re washed out ripped jeans, black rugged jeans, boyfriend rugged jeans, blue rugged jeans, rugged shorts, ripped shorts,etc that are available on many e-shopping sites starting from Rs.1500. Some e-shopping sites where you can easily spot ripped jeans and rugged jeans are,, and

If you are wearing a washed out rugged jeans, you can pair it up with pointy-pumps or white buckle heeled boots and a white crop top. Carrying a pair of goggles and a handbag would be a great idea.

Another tip would be to fold the jeans (as shown in the pictures below) from the bottom.

3. With Skirt

Wearing a crop top with a skirt is the kind of outfit you’d want to wear if you have a crop top. You can either pair it up with an A-line skirt and a pair of stilettos or with a floral one and a pair of canvas shoes.

It depends on the occasion you are going to. If it’s a party, I’d suggest you wear a classy and elegant medium length skirt (like shown in the second picture of Taylor Swift). However if you’re going to your college, floral skirt with canvas shoes would be great for a summer day.

4. With Shorts

5. With Palazzo Pants

Pair a crop top with palazzo pants and flats and you’re ready to go.

You can also accessorize it with some Alloy necklaces or some tribal jewelleries. Otherwise, a handbag is a must.

6. With Dungarees

Look confident in a dungaree and a crop top. Combine few accessories with this look and you can always go for neon heels. Otherwise a pair of wedges would do.

For other options, you can consider wearing black boots, flatform, gladiator heels or plimsolls with this outfit.

Footwear like plimsolls ans flatforms are trending these days and they are the most comfortable footwear. You can check out the Truffle collection on e-shopping sites. has variety of footwear and a chic collection available within the range of 14 to 20 pounds or INR 1000 to INR 2000.


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