5 things you need to keep in mind while buying a bag

The kind of bag you want might not be the kind of bag you need.

Well, there’re hundreds and thousands of bags that you would want to buy when you go for shopping but there are certain things that need to be kept in mind while buying a bag.

1. Your Budget

Yes, it is the most important decision. You have to set your budget. Just decide the amount of money you can afford to spend on a handbag and stick to that budget. No matter how appealing the idea of buying an expensive-branded bag sounds, if you cannot afford it, it’s of no use because once you make your purchase, you’re going to regret later and never buy something that makes you regret your decision of buying it in the first place. So, first point to remember is- YOUR BUDGET. Buy anything that costs less than that but not more than that. Don’t try to get yourself stuck in the vicious cycle of “debt” or “shopaholic poverty” .

2. Use

What’s the use for which you’re buying a bag? If it’s for special occasions, you can buy a satchel, a sling bag or a clutch perhaps. Because they are usually small in size and don’t occupy much space. You can carry them around as they are easy to manage compared to the ones that are bigger in size.

But if you need a bag for regular use, I’d suggest you buy one which is large enough to carry all your belongings. Like if you’re a college student, you’d need a bag large enough to carry your books and stuff. So, you should go for a backpack, hobo bags, shoulder bag or a messenger bag. There are many options but buying a small satchel isn’t a part of those options.

3. Size

While buying a bag, always keep in mind the size of your belongings. If you don’t carry a lot of stuff, you can buy a medium size bag but if you do, I say you go for a larger size. Otherwise, you know we all go through those tough mornings where we are forced to leave some stuff at home only because it couldn’t fit in our handbag only to find out later how much we needed it on that particular day. Ugh! Annoying, I know!

4. Color and Design


Many a times it happens that even though we have a couple of bags, we don’t feel confident about carrying them. The reason might be the size, its design or perhaps the fact that it doesn’t go with our outfit. Say if you’re wearing a tri-color dress, you’d want to carry something that either matches with one of the colors of your dress or your heels. Otherwise it’ll look too much. You’d want people to notice your dress, not only your bag because the bag is complementary to your dress and not the vice-versa. So, when it comes to choosing a color, you should always remember these thing:

For a special occasion: Buy something that goes with your outfit.

For daily use: Buy something that matches with all or most of your outfits or at least your footwear.Example:

A brown bag goes with everything.

In winters, if you have black boots, a black bag will go with all your outfits.

5. Opportunity Cost

In economics, there’s a term called “Opportunity cost” which refers to the value of the best alternative forgone. While finalizing your purchase, make sure you are 100% confident about your purchase. If you feel there’s even a slightly chance that a better bag could be found in the same range of the bag that you’re about to purchase, find the “better one”. Track it down and purchase THAT ONE.

As I mentioned earlier, don’t waste your money buying something that you don’t feel confident about. A carry bag is an important part of one’s wardrobe and while buying it, one should be 100% confident. It happens sometimes that once we buy a bag and return home, we see a better product on an e-shopping site and then, we regret buying the product while we should have searched over these e-shopping sites in the first place. So be well informed about the product and its competitor brands because there might be a better one available on 50% discount waiting to be a part of your collection. Right, ladies? 😉


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