How to pair a Leather Jacket

Winters are going on and it’s always very cold out of home. So many of us just want to stay in our bed but can we? No, we can’t. We all have college or office to go. After getting up, the first thought that comes to our mind is ‘Oh! What am I gonna wear today?’. There is always a sort of competition going on in college among girls. Every girl wants to dress up good and better than other girls. They want to look their best.

A leather jacket is the best thing to wear in winters. It makes you look stylish. You don’t need to accessorize your outfit ’cause when you wear a leather jacket, it stands out. Everyone notices your sexy and stylish leather jacket. But. one thing that confuses every girl is ‘So I’m just gonna pair it up with my jeans.’ How will you stand out from the crowd. The same old pairing up.

Well, Simply Gorgeous is now gonna teach you many ways in which you can style your favorite leather jacket to look sexy.

1. Leather Jacket + Snood

Yeah, it’s the old style – pairing it up with a jeans. But add some style to it. Wear a snood with it. It looks stylish.


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2. Leather Jacket + Skirt

Yes, It’s winter. So would you keep all your skirts inside almirah? I think that you shouldn’t. In fact, take them out, wear woolen stockings with it and pair it up with a leather jacket.


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3. Leather Jacket + Shorts

Wear the jacket with the shorts and to cover your legs, wear the woolen stockings.

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4. Leather Jacket + Maxi Dress or Long Skirt

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5. Leather Jacket + Summer Dress

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6. Leather + Leather 

Who said that leather on leather won’t look good? Pair up your leather jacket with leather pant.

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Girls, stop being boring and be simply gorgeous. Next time, you’ll bring out that leather jacket of yours from the almirah, don’t just pair them up with your denim jeans but other clothes that you have in your wardrobe.

P.S. Wait for the next post. Will be publishing about the ways in which you can style your leather jacket. Wearing leather jacket in different styles.

Images Source: Pinterest


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